6 – The Flying Bandit(s)

admin/ March 26, 2018

Ken Leishman and Gilbert Galvan were two very different men, but they both had a taste for fine living, and they took to robbing banks in order to finance their lifestyles. Not together, mind you. Leishman was active in the 1950s and ’60s, Galvan

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5 – The Ant Hill Kids

admin/ February 22, 2018

Not many people are familiar with the Ant Hill Kids and the awful abuses they suffered at the hands of their charismatic leader, Roch Theriault. Prepare to be thoroughly disturbed as Shelley and Rachel delve into what is possibly the most violent cult in

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4 – Holly Jones

admin/ February 10, 2018

It’s about a seven-minute walk between Holly Jones’ house and her friend Claudia’s. Sometime in those seven minutes, Holly disappeared. The morning after her disappearance, a man on the Toronto Islands made a grisly discovery. So begins the tragic tale of 10 year-old Holly

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3 – Canada’s “Worst Serial Killer”

admin/ January 26, 2018

Rachel drops a bomb on Shelley when she tells her Michael Wayne McGray was born in Collingwood, ON. McGray first started killing in his teens and never really stopped. After he was arrested for the murders of Joan Hicks and her daughter, Nena, McGray

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2 – A Weird Guy

admin/ December 18, 2017

Shelley and Rachel are joined by criminal defense council Jacob Stilman to discuss the “compendium of official error” that is the multiple prosecutions of Guy Paul Morin. Guy was tried twice for the rape and murder of Christine Jessop, and ultimately found guilty. But

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1 – Ottawa Triple Homicide

admin/ December 13, 2017

In the inaugural episode, Shelley and Rachel discuss a triple homicide that took place in Rachel’s hometown. In 2007 three seniors were found dead inside a condo on Riverside Drive in Ottawa. The murder went unsolved for seven years until an attack on a

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